Discussion continues on shelter and urban planning priorities in Eastern Europe and beyond

Representatives of countries from Eastern, Southern and Central Europe gathered in the Extraordinary Meeting of the UN-HABITAT Warsaw Office Advisory Council in Bucharest (Romania), and continued discussion on possible support of UN-HABITAT to the housing and urban management sector in the region and means to strengthen collaboration between the respective countries and the UN-HABITAT Warsaw Office.

The meeting, which took place on 21-22 June, constituted a platform for exchanging information and views about challenges in human settlements sector in the region. Discussion concentrated on issues of common interests for all the countries present, particularly financing of national housing programmes, refurbishment of the multifamily housing stocks, as well as improvement of their energy efficiency.

Effective management of condominiums was another subject of concern for the participants. In light of the latest European Union enlargement, they also tried to find an answer to a question on how and which European Union financial instruments may be used in order to ensure an appropriate financing of housing policies and sustainable urban development in the region.

Participants, under the joint chairmanship of the Polish Minister of Construction – Andrzej Aumiller and the Romanian Minister of Development, Public Works and Housing – Laszlo Borbely formally endorsed the terms of reference and operating procedures of the Advisory Council, as well as the Warsaw Declaration, which were preliminary discussed at the First Meeting of the Advisory Council in Warsaw on 25-26 February, 2007.

Thanking Minister Borbely for hosting the meeting, the Polish Minister in his capacity of the chair of the Council said, that the problems of housing sector and sustainable urban development influenced not only conditions of life of urban population but also development of national economies.

He indicated that the Warsaw Declaration endorsed at the Advisory Council was fully in line with the Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities, adopted in May by the EU ministers for urban and spatial development.

“We should try to implement findings of the two documents into social and economic practices in our respective countries”, Minister Aumiller underlined.


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